Monday, October 1, 2007

Mordecai Manor - Restored Condos

I hosted an open house this weekend at Mordecai Manor, the apartments that are being coverted to condos. The neighbors are ecstatic. Apparently the space was becoming a bit unsightly, so the renovation construction was welcomed.

You can't ask for a better location. The convenience of a condo in a nice, quiet, established neighborhood like Mordecai. You can walk over to Seaboard for just about anything you need and you're a mile and a half from the center of town. Plus, you're surrounded by historic homes. What more can you ask for?

Ah, you say. They must be expensive. But that's the kicker. They are all under $300,000. All 6 units are roughly 1100 sq ft each and have a HUGE front porch. I mean huge. Very deep. You could put an outdoor sofa and chairs out there and not get wet when it rains.

It's renovated, but not new, so you do have smaller closets. It is an historic building, after all. The kitchens are new and very big by condo standards. And there is no elevator. Other than that, it is a great buy. They should get the certificate of occupancy in November.