Thursday, April 21, 2011

From the City: Repair Damage before Progress Energy can Restore Power

Residents Must Repair Damage And Obtain Electrical Inspection Before Progress Energy Can Restore Power
If the City of Raleigh electrical inspector discovers structural damage to the dwelling that could negatively impact the safety of the occupants then the Housing and Environmental Inspections Division will be called to assess damage before power will be restored. The Housing and Environmental Inspections Division will determine what additional permits are required and what work will need to be performed before electrical service can be restored. Please call 919-516-2500 to schedule the inspection. The Inspections Department will be expediting these inspections and it is anticipated that electrical inspectors will work Friday due to anticipated high volume of meter replacements.

The City’s online development center can be used to obtain e-permits such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing. If a resident’s project requires a building permit then you can not obtain any permits through the online development center. All permits must be issued together from the Development Services Customer Service Center at One Exchange Plaza or from 8320-130 Litchford Road office.

For additional information about electrical permits, please contact Jay Daunoy, Electrical Inspector Supervisor, 919-807-5131.

For additional information about the structural integrity of a residential dwelling, please contact the Housing and Environmental Division at 807-5110