Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Seaboard Rendering

It's amazing what a 3D image can do for a project. This angle is the Seaboard Ave and Salisbury Street corner. The big corner windows there are for the 2 bedroom flat, definitely one of the more popular units in the building. The landscaping was minimized for this image so that the building features could be seen. I believe there is a going to be a large tree on the corner there.

Another new element for 111 Seaboard are the views from the second floor. Condo living starts on the second floor and there are a total of 3 levels of residential. The third and fourth floor views will be even better. The view of downtown Raleigh is a favorite, but I think I like the east view with all the trees around Peace College. The power lines immediately on the 111 Seaboard property will be buried as part of the project, but there is one very high line that runs down the middle of the road that will remain.