Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyclists - Voice Your Opinion

Bike to work? Or would you like to bike to work and not get killed? The City of Raleigh is revamping their Comprehensive Bicycle Plan and is looking for feedback.

I drive into downtown just about every day and I see more and more cyclists on the road. I also see lots of drivers who don't really know how to behave around cyclists, which makes for a lot of close calls.

I was biking downtown a few weekends ago (on a Sunday) and as we were signaling to turn right, I thought to myself, why am I signaling with my arm? I bet none of the drivers behind us even know what this means. So part of my feedback to the city will be to also educate drivers on bicycling 101 so that they know how to behave around a cyclist.

So if you bike downtown and have frustrations with certain roads, areas, etc, voice your opinion at this site. The comment form is a survey, but you have a chance to write in feedback.