Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015 Market Snapshot: East Downtown Raleigh

With the new year comes lots of analysis of the previous year, and in the past I have focused on Downtown condos only. I'll provide a snapshot of that activity as well, but this year I decided to take a look at all the other areas around downtown.
Icons made by Freepik, Teela Cunningham from www.flaticon.comis licensed by CC BY 3.0
We'll kick off this year with East Downtown. This includes single family homes within the area bound by New Bern Ave, Tarboro Rd, MLK, and East St.

Whether or not comparing average price year over year is statistically accurate, everyone who is familiar with this area knows that it is booming.  So the 39% increase in average price doesn't surprise me at all.

Interested in buying in this area or need to sell? Give me a call or shoot me a note. Its very common to have multiple offers on these homes.

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